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***  E L E C T I O N S       E L E C T I O N S       E L E C T I O N S  ***

March 28, 2017 -- The Kansas Chapter of HIMSS is proud to present the following slate of officers and chair positions for election. The officers and chair positions are for a two year term which will begin July 1, 2017. Please cast your ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ vote via email to rlies@gpha.com before noon, March 31, 2017.


Chapter Officers
 President Michelle McGuire
 President-Elect Shawn Weldin
 Secretary Sara Warnock
 Treasurer Trisha Harkness
Chapter Board Chairs
 Program & Events Co-Chair Lynette Dick
 Program & Events Co-Chair Mia Kaufman
 Membership Co-Chair Blaine Cappel
 Membership Co-Chair Alisha Herrmann
 Sponsorship Co-Chair Earl Akers
 Sponsorship Co-Chair Tiffanie Hickman
 Advocacy Chair Sally Othmer
 HIE Liaison Tiffanie Hickman
 Physician Liaison Sam Antonios , M.D.
 Web/Communications Chair Tami Corn
 Student/Early Career Liaison Abby Van Den Haak
 Clinical Informatics Co-Chair Chase Tinius
 Clinical Informatics Co-Chair Amanda Vandervoort
Non-Elected Positions
 Immediate Past President Chris Wilson
 Advisor Emeritus Bob Lies
 ***Member representatives: Kerry Kellerman, Ken Abendshien



View information about candidates for board positions.

Meet officers and chair positions up for re-election:

Meet members to non-elected positions: