Deadline is March 17 for nominations to KSHIMSS Board


***  E L E C T I O N S       E L E C T I O N S       E L E C T I O N S  ***

This will serve as a final notice to the membership. If you are interested in any Officer or Chair position, or if you want to nominate anyone for any of the positions below, please submit the name and contact information to the nominating chair below by March 17, 2017.  Now is your opportunity to become more involved with your local chapter. We welcome new faces and new ideas.

The Kansas Chapter of HIMSS elections will be held this spring. The officers and chair positions are for a two year term which will begin July 1, 2017. At this time the following persons and positions have been nominated to serve on the Board:


Chapter Officers
 President Michelle McGuire
 President-Elect Shawn Weldin
 Secretary Sara Warnock
 Treasurer Trisha Harkness
Chapter Board Chairs
 Program & Events Co-Chair Lynette Dick, Mia Kaufman
 Membership Co-Chair Blaine Cappel, Alisha Herrmann
 Sponsorship Co-Chair Earl Akers, Tiffanie Hickman
 Advocacy Chair Sally Othmer
 HIE Liaison Tiffanie Hickman
 Physician Liaison Sam Antonios , M.D.
 Web/Communications Chair Tami Corn
 Student Liaison Abby Van Den Haak
 Clinical Informatics Chair Chase Tinius
 ***Member representatives: Kerry Kellerman, Ken Abendshien, Amanda Vandervoort


Send nominations to:
Bob Lies—Nominating Committee    785-295-9371